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stipulate • \STIP-yuh-layt\  • verb
1 : to make an agreement or covenant to do or forbear something : contract

2 : to demand an express term in an agreement

3 : to specify as a condition or requirement (as of an agreement or offer)

4 : to give a guarantee of

"The county charter stipulates that county council appoint four citizens—two from each of the major political parties—to the election board. Those four then select a fifth member, who may be of any political affiliation, to serve as chairperson." — Eric Mark, The Citizens' Voice (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), 9 Jan. 2020

"If Zendaya's grandfather inspired Rue's hoodie, it was her grandmother who inspired her second collection in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy x Zendaya.…  She was also motivated by the diversity of body types in her family tree to stipulate that the lines she works on also come in plus sizes…." — Jessica Chia, Allure, 21 Nov. 2019

Word Of The Day from: Merriam-Webster