Word Of The Day


risible • \RIZZ-uh-bul\  • adjective
1 a : capable of laughing

b : disposed to laugh

2 : arousing or provoking laughter; especially : laughable

3 : associated with, relating to, or used in laughter

"When they arrived … they were treated to a sight that was as surreal as it was risible: Kamo Petrossian dressed in whites and sporting a captain's hat complete with gold braid and embroidered badge, strutting about the sun deck, clutching a champagne flute." — Peter Crawley, Mazzeri, 2013

"In the tradition of risible cable reality hits like Married at First Sight and 90 Day Fiancé, [Netflix's] new 'social experiment' Love Is Blind follows couples who've been thrust on the fast track to marriage. The twist is that they don't lay eyes on each other until they're engaged; each 'date' consists solely of a chat between one man and one woman lounging in separate 'pods.'" — Judy Berman, Time, 27 Feb. 2020

Word Of The Day from: Merriam-Webster